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The Monuments of First Avenue

February 1, 2015


On a recent morning commute, I noticed a bouquet of roses laid at the foot of a monument that I had often caught glimpses of, but never paid much attention to. Comprising five dark stone pillars, a blue orb balanced on one and a bronze suitcase at the foot of another, all sitting atop a […]

Essay: Wonchun Che

January 12, 2014


Wonchun Che is a monochrome painter. In his home/studio hang a pair of cadmium red canvases side-by-side, identical color tests on the white wall. On an adjacent wall hang a black canvas, two green canvases and a purple canvas. Nearby is a white canvas. In a box on the floor is a yellow canvas, recently […]

Essay: Maria Walker and Charles Miller

February 11, 2013


Charles Miller works on paintings in year-long cycles. Giving a group of eight or ten canvases a single motif from his summers in Maine, he develops them through the fall, winter and spring months in New York, until a return to Maine provides the impetus for a new body of work. It’s an annual cycle […]

Essay: The Blue Horse

March 13, 2012


The Chinatown bus that takes me frequently back and forth from New York to Boston uses Route 84 through Connecticut, a highway that at times feels little better than I-95, its neighbor to the east, yet like all long roads still offers its own take on the landscape. Of chief interest to me is a […]

Essay: Navel-gazing in Chelsea

April 12, 2011


published on An experiment. Walk around Chelsea, stopping into galleries to collect press releases. Once you have a fistful substantial enough to make a mathematically sound statistical analysis, read through them, separating them into two stacks, one for those which tout the work in question as a challenge to the established art world, and […]