Exhibition Review: Lloyd Martin

Posted on June 4, 2012


Lloyd Martin. Large Mete. 2010. Oil on canvas.

The exhibition Lloyd Martin: Mettere, recently on view at Stephen Haller Gallery, in Chelsea, reminds us that an artist’s adherence to strict formal parameters need not keep him from pushing his aesthetic in new directions. Martin, a Providence-based painter who has been showing with Haller for a decade, makes paintings composed entirely of vertical and horizontal rectangles. His parameter is the grid. But he has moved away from large rectangles of color in favor of narrow horizontal bands, and has begun painting with increasingly bright hues, particularly on the warm end of his palette. These shifts are more than stylistic, as they have taken the artist’s work from a somewhat recognizable transcription of his motif and brought it closer to the realm of pure abstraction. As such, they raise important questions on the nature of abstraction, and what is gained and lost as abstract painting moves further from its sources in the perceptible world. . .

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